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Nothing that is loved is ever lost; But to live forever in the hearts of those left behind, is to live forever.

Born  November, 1983

Died June 19, 1999

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This past month marks an anniversary that, for me, begins on Memorial Day and ends with our celebration of Independence Day. The date of June 19th will live with me for all my days, marked by the end of May and reconciled at the beginning of July. This date marks the third anniversary of the passing of one of my dearest friends.

Although, some may wonder why I make such a big deal, as it was only an animal, a dog's life that passed. However, Q-Bert held such an important part of my life. He was an extension of who I was and the battles I endured. I put off writing this article during this time, but I knew I had to eventually reconcile myself to this anniversary.

Q-Bert's life began to ebb Memorial Day three years ago and finally crossed over on June 19th. It was not until the middle of July that I reconciled that loss. His life was spent marked with joy and exuberance in everything that he did. In the deepest and darkest moments of my life, he was the ray of sunshine always smiling and playful. I knew that his life had to be memorialized and thus I created the Online Pet Memorials as part of this web site, dedicated to his honor and memory.

I am happy that many others have found solace and a place to always go and remember those they held close to their hearts. And that they share in some respects, a place with Q-Bert, where they can never be alone and where they wait for us, their beloved friends on this side of the rainbow.

As I go through life's travels, he is always with me. My recent visit to the Grand Canyon inspired me to realize, there are many things greater than our own lives. We are just a small speck in the grand scheme of life and it is useless and frivolous to worry about the small daily things and to always keep an eye on that which is so much greater.

Christ's promise of "I Will Be With You Always" holds so true in all of nature and all that surrounds us. His promise also reminds me, that even though Q-Bert has passed this life, he is somewhere greater then I could ever imagine. I, too, will one day cross that bridge to be with him and our Creator, Always, on the other side of the rainbow.

posted by: Vic Ritchey - (Boonton, NJ USA)
7/2/2002 1:02:30 PM

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