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In Memory of Q-Bert


Nothing that is loved is ever lost; But to live forever in the hearts of those left behind, is to live forever.

Born  November, 1983

Died June 19, 1999

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Q -Bert's Guestbook

I'm so sorry your doggy passed he really made a mark in your life... i know how it feels to lose a dog i made a memorial page on your site for my doggy meeka.. R.I.P Q-bert if it weren't for you being such an amazing dog this site probably wouldn't be here so I thank you q-bert!

posted by: Priscilla Goldston - (,  USA)
1/10/2009 3:07:00 PM

I hope you are doing well . I was wondering, have you gotten a new pet? I lost my dogs in 2002 and 2004 and I can't seem to be able to get another dog. I adopted several feral cats but not because I went looking for them. They needed me and seem to find me. I miss dogs and give to many charities, but I can't seem to bring myself to actuallygo out and adopt one. The death of my dogs still hurts too much. Take care and be well...

posted by: Amanda Rivas - (, - USA)
2/1/2009 4:12:53 PM

Oh Q-bert, what a little cutie you are. You just make me smile and it's so heart-warming to know how loved you were and are. What a great ambassador you are for such a great site. Bless you little one :) Hugs and kisses, Beth

posted by: Beth Radtke - (, - USA)
5/6/2009 8:14:38 AM

I'm sorry for your loss of Q-Bert and what a way to remember him always. I had just lost my love Jessie and came upon your site. Thank you for making this, as it has helped me to cope with her loss. The pain is fresh and great right now, but I do not feel so alone in my pain. Thank you and yes they do live on forever in our hearts always.

posted by: Annie C - (, - USA)
8/20/2009 12:29:26 AM

If it weren't for Q-Bert, you wouldn't have had this site. Thanks to you Q-Bert & Vic, this site is great and it has really helped me go through my grief. I know you still miss him and thank you for sharing his memory with all of us.

posted by: Gilda Daye - (, CA USA)
4/15/2010 11:38:59 AM

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