In Loving Memory
In Memory of Q-Bert


Nothing that is loved is ever lost; But to live forever in the hearts of those left behind, is to live forever.

Born  November, 1983

Died June 19, 1999

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Q -Bert's Guestbook

Your poem was absolutely beautiful. It brought a river to my eyes. Your baby has been gone now for some time, but I can imagine from experience, that the pain has not yet ceased. I hope in time you will be able to find peace and know that your precious baby is sitting in the palm of Gods hands and He is keeping him safe. When it is time for you two to be reunited, he will be there waiting at the gate with the smiling face that you remember. Until then, we can see our loved one in every rain drop, sunbeam and night sky. Take care and many blessings, Loren Please visit Woody and J.J DeRosa

posted by: Loren  - (,  USA)
8/30/2001 3:40:12 PM

I was visiting the Rainbow Bridge site trying to tighten up my “tribute” text to my dog who was put to sleep 4 weeks ago today. I saw Q-Bert’s page and had to come and visit his other memorial page. I looked at all Q-Bert’s photos and cried as I saw him age. I noticed that you had a photo of him in your arms just three days before he left you. He was such a cute little guy. I hope you have found another little guy to help fill the hole in your heart.

posted by: Helen Adams - (Citrus Heights, CA USA)
9/3/2001 3:40:28 PM

Sorry to here of your loss Sarah

posted by: Sarah Lange - (Schofield, WI USA)
11/8/2001 7:28:26 PM

My condolences to you. I had to let lost my girl go couple of days ago. My heart aches so much and allowing me to share my feelings with others has given me some relief. Thank you so very much.

posted by: Arlene Bullock - (PG, VA USA)
4/19/2002 7:29:12 PM

This is such a wonderful thing you have done. It is so hard to lose such a friend. Thank you so much for creating a place such as this. My cat "Squirt" passed away on Saturday night.She had been with me almost 13 years.When I met my husband, she became "Daddy's Girl". Her best friend "Tess" is also grieving. She wanders around looking for Squirt. That makes it a little harder. My husband and I are also from Southwestern PA, so we know the term "youns". Thank you again for providing a place that we can go to visit our friend and companion, and to remember her. My sincere condolences on your loss of Q-Bert. Lugene and David Christner

posted by: Lugene Christner - (, WV USA)
2/24/2003 12:02:23 PM

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