In Loving Memory
In Memory of Q-Bert


Nothing that is loved is ever lost; But to live forever in the hearts of those left behind, is to live forever.

Born  November, 1983

Died June 19, 1999

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Q -Bert's Guestbook

I just read the beautiful poem included on your dog's memorial site. It really says all there is to say about the painful decisions that need to be made concerning euthanasia. We've had to do that for all our dogs but one, and each time the pain and guilt are almost unbearable. Our most recent dog, Kaya, died in March. Reading your poem has helped and I just wanted to let you know that. It said exactly what any animal would say if they could speak, and said so beautifully. Thank you. And please accept our condolences for the loss of Q-Bert who had been such a part of your lives for so long. Visit our sites for Zach and Kaya, if you'd like. We didn't have them as long as your Q-Bert, but the hole in our hearts will always be there. In sympathy and understanding of your grief, Peggy Mott

posted by: Peggy Mott - (, WI USA)
7/20/1999 3:36:29 PM

i'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved dog and friend. Your is very touching and i cried for your loss. i lost my baby last November and i still cry when i think about her or talk about her. If you want to visit Jasmine's residence, it's at: May our Beloved Lord and Savior give you peace and ease the hurt of your loss. kelly hughes

posted by: Kelly Hughes - (,  USA)
8/1/1999 3:37:07 PM

what a great face and lovely tribute to your special q-bert. i know that i couldn't let my emma go to rainbow bridge until i was sure that she would be made healthy and whole again. i needed to know that there would be no concept of time so she wouldn't miss me. i know that she's met q-bert by now and is asking him about his name and his parents----and they're running around, goofing off, having fun. all their needs are met. i know that emma keeps looking back at me like she always did, for assurrance..and i'm here, and she's forever with me. i'm sorry for the loss of your special friend. talking helps. crying is necessary, too. we're lucky to have had them to love. take care. maria

posted by: Maria  - (,  USA)
8/3/1999 3:37:14 PM

Just to say that my thoughts are with you at this time of your loss...and thank you for the poem that you wrote for Q-BERT. It has helped me thru the the loss of my Brandon after 11 years.. Judi

posted by: Judi  - (,  USA)
8/7/1999 1:21:50 AM

I just read your page for Q-bert. It was very touching. I had talked to your mom last week and she mentioned this page, and I asked her to get me the address so that I could read it, so I came home from work last night and she had a message on my machine with the address on , so I thought I would look at it this morning. Very Nice!!!!!!!! Talk to you soon., Monique

posted by: Monique Hunt - (Altoona, PA USA)
10/10/1999 3:37:54 PM

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