The Lucy Show
The Lucy Show
The Lucy Show

Episode #86 - Lucy at Marineland

Season: #4 - 1965-66
Airdate: September 13, 1965
Episode 86 of 158

Supporting Cast: Jimmy Garrett, Jimmy Piersall, Harvey Korman

Lucy has left Danfield, New York and moved to Hollywood, transferring her trust fund to the Westland Bank there. By great coincidence, Mr. Mooney has been transferred to Hollywood and is once again the trustee for her money. Lucy's daughter Chris is in college and her son Jerry is being enrolled in a military academy. Unfortunately, the school is going to Marineland for Jimmy Piersall Day and Jerry can't go because he is not yet an official student, so Lucy talks Mr. Mooney into taking her and Jerry anyway.

Special Notes: A new opening, featuring a kaleidoscope of The Lucy Show scenes from previous seasons, is used this year. If you watch, you'll see Lucille's mother, DeDe Ball along with her children, Lucie and Desi Jr. in the Bleachers at Marineland behind Lucille. This is the first Lucy Show episode aired in color.

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