I Love Lucy
I Love Lucy
I Love Lucy

Episode #68 - The Girls Go Into Business

Season: #3 - 1953-54
Airdate: October 12, 1953
Filmed: September 11, 1953
Rating: 56.2/79
Episode 68 of 181

Supporting Cast: Mrs. Hanson-Mabel Paige, Policeman-Emory Parnell, Customers in dress shop-Barbara Pepper, Kay Wiley

Certain they will become millionaires overnight, Lucy and Ethel decide to buy Hansen's Dress Shop. The asking price: three thousand dollars. Lucy talks Mrs. Hansen down to fifteen hundred dollars, just as two women customers snap up two hundred dollars in merchandise. Exclaiming, "It's a gold mine," Lucy figures that, at that rate, the store will gross nineteen thousand dollars a day! They gladly pay Mrs. Hansen the original asking price. The new partners get into an immediate argument over a name for the new business - Ethelu's, Lucyeth's, Lucy and Ethel's Dress Shop, Ethel and Lucy's Dress Shop. The first day they make five sales - to each other. However, their future brightens when a man offers to buy the store for thirty-five hundred dollars. Then they find out he sold it for fifty thousand dollars to make way for a skyscraper.

Special Notes: This episode was filmed on the night of the "red scare" incident. In which, televised a banner run on the Walter Winchell's Sunday night broadcast of Lucille questioning by the House on Un-American Activities Committee of her registering her intention to vote for the Communist Party in 1936, but only to appease her Grandfather Hunt. The era of Joe McCarthy and the infamous Senate hearings was in full swing.

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