I Love Lucy
I Love Lucy
I Love Lucy

Episode #181 - Pilot

Season: Pilot
Filmed: March 2, 1951
Rating: N/A
Episode 181 of 181

Supporting Cast: Pepito (the clown) Perez-himself, Jerry-Jerry Hausner

The characters of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo are introduced, living in a high-rise building in Manhattan. Ricky is a Latin bandleader, and Lucy is his ambitious wife. Lucy learns that Ricky is up for a big television audition, and she wants to be in the show. Eager to get ambitious Lucy out of the way, Ricky sends her on a bogus errand. When Pepito the Clown is injured on a bicycle rehearsing the show, Lucy replaces him at the audition.

Special Notes: Lucille looks much different from the Lucy Ricardo we will come to know. Her hair is shoulder-length and free-flowing; she is also five months pregnant and huge, despite loose-fitting clothing. Much of the dialog from this script will be used later for the I Love Lucy episode "The Audition" in the 1951-52 season. It will later be decided that four series regulars are enough for the sitcom, and Jerry Hausner's part as Ricky's agent will be switched from a recuring character to an occasional guest appearance. One scene in the show is based on lucy's radio show, My Favorite Husband Episode #80 ("The Wills").

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